Jeto OrtizJhonson Eduardo Tovar Ortiz (Guatire (Venezuela) Miranda State, Venezuela, March 19, 1992), better known by his stage name Jeto Ortiz, is a Venezuelan singer, songwriter, actor and music producer of Reguetón.

Of Barloventeño descent, he has commented that he is of humble origin and began working when he was a minor and "sold everything that was legal to make money." His mother is a lawyer, and she has said that his family is very attached to ethics and moral codes. He was raised in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Latin America (Petare). Place where he began his improvisation and his development as an artist trying to express his reality and his economic limitations.

Musical career

2006 - Present

In the middle of 2006, he recorded his first song entitled "La Revelación" as Mc-kario, in that same year he released his first production entitled "Sentimientos de Calle" as a duo, 2007 he showed his music to the public for the first time, appearing at his Own School in the week of Anniversary, 2013 releases his second production as a soloist entitled "another style of music", 2015 performs the remix of the tremendous song sata performed by and produced by Arcángel (singer) version that was made formal by social networks thanks to the fans who requested to make this version "remix Venezuela" official. Songs like «Que te Gusta de Mi» in 2013, 2 «I'm back to game» in 2018, or «Quiere Reggaeton» in 2019, were supported nationally and international by the press.